Foster Curiosity and Creativity– The world from the vantage point of a preschooler is almost entirely an unknown entity. While routines are often necessary to help children and adults navigate the exploration of the child’s world with minimal disruption to sleep, work and school, it is important to be open to opportunities for discovery and ensure adequate time to play. Constructive play with crafts, blocks and building toys permits children to experience the process of planning and manipulating materials to create a new structure. Dollhouses, tea sets, dress-up clothes, action figures, farm sets, toy garages also provide opportunity to re-enact familiar routines or act out new events. Some questions and phrases that can help build creative conversation include:

- I wonder what would happen if…

- What happened? … How can we fix it?

- If you could be any animal/person for a day what/who would it be? Why?

- Tell me about your…. Lego/Barbies/trains/dollhouse/mudpuddle/

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