Book of the Month for June- The Little Mouse,The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear


Book Cover- The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear

Authours: Don and Audrey Wood

This story offers captivating illustration, a delightful story line and is engaging for children of all ages.  This clever little mouse attempts to stop the bear from eating his freshly picked, red, ripe strawberry.  The ending might just surprise you!  The detailed artwork is beautiful, but also realistic and simple enough for very young kids to enjoy. The large pictures and recognizable items make it easy for young kids to focus on the simple story.  Since there are not many words on each page, the illustrations tell a lot of the story which makes it a great read to share with toddlers.  This book provides an opportunity for kids to use their imagination and encourage creativity.  Ask your kids what they think about the bear and see where the conversation takes you. 

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