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Emergent Literacy


Emergent literacy has been defined as the skills, knowledge and attitudes which are important for a child to learn to read and write (Sultzby & Teale, 1991). Learning how to read is one of the most important journeys that children experience. Children learn about literacy from birth through interactions with parents and caregivers where reading and writing is a natural part of each day.

Speech Services Niagara is a unique entity that brings Emergent Literacy Consultants together with Speech-Language Pathologists and Communicative Disorders Assistants under one program as a critical player in the community to promote the acquisition of healthy, emergent literacy and communication development in preschoolers living in the Niagara Region. Emergent literacy is promoted through community forums, workshops for parents or educators, brochures, webinars and posters and is embedded in children's therapy services. Our annual literacy conference for service providers highlights current research and practices in the field. Speech Services Niagara participates in many literacy events held throughout the community.


To view our Emergent Literacy Webinar please click here.


To view the Speech Services Niagara Emergent Literacy video please click here.


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