Fantastic Fall Fun– Autumn is a fantastic time of year to go outside, explore and talk. Whether you are bundling up your infant for a crisp stroll outside or joining your toddler for a romp in a pile of leaves, there are many things to see, do and talk about as the seasons change and you think about what you are thankful for in the month of October. Often when we “teach” our children language it is natural to focus on naming things and the rote academic classics of such as colors, numbers and letters. Actions words and descriptive language are crucial to building vocabulary and later reading comprehension. Fall is a time of action and change so take advantage of nature’s gift, get outside and talk about what you see, hear, feel and taste. Here is a scavenger hunt of words to take with you as you head outside to discover autumn:

- Raking, Falling, Picking, Scooping, Carving, Baking, Mashing, Jumping, Rolling, Hiking, Crackling

- Crunchy, Sweet, Mushy, Dry, Wet, Heavy, Light, Bumpy, Scary, Funny

- Leaf, Pile, Apple, Branches, Pumpkin, Turkey, Costume, Trick, Treat, Trail

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