Resources for Parents


The following information is provided for your reference.  If you are concerned about your child’s development based on this information, a referral can be made. Refer a child now.

Emergent Literacy Resources

To view the Niagara Children's Centre Emergent Literacy Video please click here.

To view the Niagara Children's Centre Dialogic Reading Video please click here.

The webinar focuses on strategies to promote the idea of sharing books with babies and toddlers. It highlights the most successful ways of engaging young children in interactions with books and explores the kinds of books babies and toddlers most enjoy. Parents are encouraged to make shared book reading a part of their daily lives, something that can happen anytime and anywhere!! By fostering a love of books early on, we are helping to lay the foundation for future success when children are formally taught to read and write. The journey of emergent literacy begins at birth.

Click here to view our emergent literacy webinar.

Speech & Language Resources

External Resources and Links

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Articles from Baby Development Concerns

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